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Date   Physics Chemistry Biology Computer Science
01.02.2019 FRIDAY FN 001 – 026  (I) 26 053 – 078  (III) 26 104 – 126 (V) 23 150 – 171 (VII) 22
AN 027 – 052  (II) 26 079 – 103 (IV) 25 127- 149 (VI) 23 172 – 192  (VIII) 21
04.02.2019 MONDAY FN 053 – 078  (III) 26 104 – 126 (V) 23 001 – 026  (I) 26
AN 079 – 103 (IV) 25 127- 149 (VI) 23 027 – 052  (II) 26
05.02.2019 TUESDAY FN 104 – 126 (V) 23 001 – 026  (I) 26 053 – 078  (III) 26
AN 127- 149 (VI) 23 027 – 052  (II) 26 079 – 103 (IV) 25
TIMING: F.N. 9.00 A.M. TO 11.30 A.M. NOTE :  Students must be present by 8.15 a.m. for Morning Session and at 11.45 a.m. for afternoon session.
A.N. 12.30 P.M. TO 3.00 P.M.