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Xanax Bars Online Cheap > Xanax Online > Std. XI Public Practicals Timetable
Alprazolam Rx Online Safe To Order Xanax Online Xanax Buying Online Xanax Online Reviews 2013 Xanax Order Online - Canada Purchasing Xanax Canada Buy Xanax From China Ordering Xanax Online Reviews Xanax Brand Name Online Buy Pfizer Xanax 2Mg
Buy Non Generic Xanax Online

Date   Physics Chemistry Biology Computer Science
21.02.2018 FN 001 – 026  (I) 26 053 – 078  (III) 26 104 – 126 (V) 23 150 – 171 (VII) 22
AN 027 – 052  (II) 26 079 – 103 (IV) 25 127- 149 (VI) 23 172 – 192  (VIII) 21
22.02.2018 FN 053 – 078  (III) 26 104 – 126 (V) 23 001 – 026  (I) 26
AN 079 – 103 (IV) 25 127- 149 (VI) 23 027 – 052  (II) 26
23.02.2018 FN 104 – 126 (V) 23 001 – 026  (I) 26 053 – 078  (III) 26
AN 127- 149 (VI) 23 027 – 052  (II) 26 079 – 103 (IV) 25
TIMING: F.N. 9.00 A.M. TO 11.30 A.M.      
A.N. 12.30 P.M. TO 3.00 P.M.      
NOTE:  Students must be present by 8.15 a.m. for Morning Session and at 11.45 a.m. for afternoon session.