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Dear Parent,

Worms are parasites that use up the nutrients meant for the human body. Worm infestation in children can lead to Malnutrition, Anemia, Vitamin A deficiency, Iron-deficiency Anemia, Impaired Cognition, Decreased Concentration, Reduced Attention Span and Poor School Performance.

Research shows that up to 5 % of calories of what a child eats can be lost to worms in the intestines. When this adds up over several days, weeks and months, it can take a toll on the child’s health and well-being.

Although, any age group can be affected, Worm Infestation is found most commonly in school-age children.According to the World Health Organization, India is a high-endemic zone for Worm Infestation and it is recommended that all school-going children in India be treated with deworming medicine once every 6 months.

Deworming medicines (medicines used to treat worm infestation) are considered to be among the safest of all medications with either minimal or no side-effects.

For more details about Deworming, please visit the DB Main School Website at: Brand Name Xanax Online

The Deworming medicine is being dispensed as part of the DB Healthy Kidz program and is brought to you at no additional cost.  But, as this is an optional element in the program, the medication will be dispensed only if the parent signs the consent form below. All children who have not had a Deworming medicine in the last 6 months are eligible to receive the Deworming medicine through this program.

The Deworming treatment regimen consists of a 400 mg single dose Albendazoletablet for all children > 2 years of age and needs to be administered by the parent to the child only if he has not had a deworming medicine in the last 6 months.Zentel (Albendazole) Chewable tablet (400 mg)– the largest selling Deworming medicine in India (manufactured by Glaxo Smithkline Beecham),will be supplied directly by Apollo Pharmacy.The medication dispensed to the child can be taken home by the child for administration by the parent.

If you would like the medicine to be dispensed to your child, please sign the consent form below and send it to the Class Teacher on or before February 4, 2014.