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Date : 7th Dec 2018

Venue: Bhubhaneswar

Game : Lawn Tennis

Name: Hitesh 12-C

            Represented Tamilnadu Lawn Tennis Team and secured second Place. [Silver Medal]


Date : 14th to 19th  Dec 2018

Venue: Delhi

Game : Athletics U-17 category [ 4 x 100mts Relay]

Name: Jackson Bowie 11-D

            Represented Tamilnadu Relay team and secured second place[ Silver Medal]


Date : 10th to 16th  Dec 2018

Venue: Andhara

Game : Badminton U-17 Category

Name: Abishek 10-D

            Represented Tamilnadu team won the 3rd place. [Bronze Medal]


Date : 10,11,12th  Nov 2018

Venue: Neiyveli

Game : High Jump

Name: Akansh Jain 12-B ( Secured 3rd place in High jump)


Date : 16th to 18th Nov 2018

Venue: Karur

Game : Badminton U-17 category

Name: Irvin Walter  XI-D