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Xanax Bars Online Cheap > Xanax Online > 63rd National Squash Championship
Order Xanax Online Ireland Generic Xanax Online Cheap Buy Alprazolam Canada Buy Alprazolam Online Europe Xanax 2Mg Buy Online Online Xanax Reviews Buy Xanax Brand Name Buy Xanax Next Day Delivery Alprazolam Bars Online Xanax Bars 2Mg Buy
Buy Non Generic Xanax Online

Organised by           :           School Games Federation of India

Venue                        :           Aurangabad (Maharashtra State)


FINALS    :           TAMIL NADU   (vs)   MAHARASTIRA

Tamil Nadu          :           Runner-up

Shankaran.P (XII-D) and Yashwanth Ragavh (XI-A) got Silver medal in the events.


FINALS    :           TAMIL NADU   (vs)   MAHARASTIRA

Yashwanth Ragavh (XI-A) came Runner-up and got Medal and Trophy.

            His Rank in National level is now Top-5

U-14 Category

Farhan (VIII-B) Participated in the event

(No.1 Rank in Tamil Nadu State)

U-17 Category

63rd National Athletic championship organized


ATHLETICS      :           JACKSON BOWIE (X-D)

(3rd Place in 4×100 Meter Relay (with 43 seconds)